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This Flesh is Mine - Andrew French, Gerrard McArthur


Ashtar Theatre, Ramallah (Palestine) and Testbed 1, London

"The play truly breaks down barriers" (Guardian)

A new play by Brian Woolland.

Achilles, the greatest of the Achaean warriors, refuses to fight; angered that King Agamemnon has stolen his captive slave-girl, Briseis. 

“She shares my tent, she shares my bed. 
Her flesh is mine.”

But Briseis has dreams and desires of her own.

Produced in collaboration with ASHTAR Theatre from Palestine and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Brian Woolland’s taut and poetic play brought together Homer’s Troy and the Middle East of today: worlds shaken by cycles of violence and revenge, by ambition and self-interest masquerading as idealism; worlds struggling towards any possibility of reconciliation.

This site specific production at the unique Testbed1 in Battersea was complimented by food stalls, music, politics and art - a Middle Eastern feast for the senses.

"A major achievement by writer Brian Woolland and definitely a must-see event!" (Newsline)

Supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation, Arts Council England & the British Council.  Revived in 2016 alongside Brian's response to the Odyssey - WHEN NOBODY RETURNS.

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The text of THIS FLESH IS MINE is available from the Bookshop.