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Border Crossings

Founded in 2005, Border Crossings Laboratory presents regular workshops exploring actor training and technique in intercultural theatre. 

As well as providing opportunities for performers to work with exciting intercultural practitioners, the Laboratory is an ongoing research project for both the UK and Irish companies, informing and renewing our creative and performance practice.

Workshop leaders and speakers have included:

  • Vincent Mangado & Dominique Jambert (Théâtre du Soleil - France)
  • Micaela Casalboni (Teatro dell'Argine - Italy)
  • Farid Paya (Théâtre du Lierre - France / Iran) 
  • Denise Namura & Michael Bughdan (à fleur de peau - Brazil / France / Germany) 
  • Sam Cook (Yirra Yaakin - Aboriginal Australia) 
  • Hone Kouka & Miria George (New Zealand: Maori) 
  • Harriet Nordlund (Sami Theatre – Sweden) 
  • Yves Sioui Durand & Catherine Joncas (Ondinnok - Canada: Huron-Wendat) 
  • Zhang Ruihong (Shanghai Yue Opera - China: pictured) 
  • Radhakrishna Urala (Yaksha Degula - India) 
  • Subodh Pattanaik (Natya Chetana - India) 
  • Marie Clements and Rita Leistner (Red Diva - Canada)
  • Rosanna Raymond (Sistar s'pacific - Samoa)
  • Brian Woolland and Rib Davis (WRITE Theatre - UK)
  • Rustom Bharucha (India)
  • Peter Sellars (USA)

See also: Write Theatre - playwriting courses in London with Brian Woolland and Rib Davis.