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Border Crossings Publications produces low-cost editions of plays produced by the company, and books exploring the ways in which world theatre is responding to key issues in modern society and politics. These publications operate alongside the production work of Border Crossings to encourage inter-cultural dialogue and debate through and about the medium of performance.


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Books For Sale

This Flesh Is Mine

This Flesh is Mine by Brian Woolland

Published to coincide with our premiere productions in Ramallah and London, this beautifully produced volume from Oberon Books includes essays by Brian Woolland and Michael Walling, full production information, and the text of the play.  First performed in Palestine with Ashtar Theatre, 8th May 2014.

ISBN 978-1-78319-138-3.


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Origins 2011

ORIGINS - Festival of First Nations 2011. Programme book edited by Michael Walling & Carissa Hope Lynch.

The programme for the 2011 ORIGINS Festival includes poetry, essays and creative writing by leading artists and academics on First Nations theatre and culture.

Contributors include: Joanna Ede (Survival International), Reid Gilbert (Canadian academic), Robert Greygrass (Native American performer and poet), Jay Griffiths (author of Wild - An Elemental Journey), Ian Henderson (Australian academic), Winona LaDuke (Native American writer and activist), Prof. Marcia Langton (Aboriginal Australian academic and activist), Daniel David Moses (Delaware playwright and poet), Robert Priseman and John Packer (from the Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex), Bruce Simpson (Maori cultural expert), Danielle Smith (Director of Sandblast Arts), Noel Tovey (Aboriginal Australian performer), Robert Sullivan (Maori poet), Paul Wamo (Kanak poet).

ISBN 978-1-904718-09-3.


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The Orientations Trilogy

The Orientations Trilogy - Theatre and Gender: Asia and Europe.  Edited by Michael Walling & Roe Lane. Published with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.

Painted on a vast pan-global canvas of locations, characters and experience, THE ORIENTATIONS TRIOGY is a trio of separate but related plays exploring sexuality and performance in contemporary and mythic Asia.  This book, which complements Border Crossings' productions, includes the scripts of the three devised plays, together with extensive discussions of the complex intercultural processes through which they were made; other plays on related themes by Veenapani Chawla and Mahesh Dattani; as well as discussions of related topics.  Contributors include; Nancy Crane, Mia Kjellkvist, Li Ruru, Ma Haili, Sarita Malik, Nick Moran, Jonathan Pitches, Ruth Vanita, Xinran, Zhang Ruihong.  Foreword by Peter Sellars.  

"This volume gives a more complete look at sample intercultural productions, since we...  hear from multiple voices.... Lets readers inside the process."  (Asian Theatre Journal)

ISBN 978-1-904718-08-6.


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ORIGINS - Festival of First Nations 2009. Programme book edited by Michael Walling.

The programme for the 2009 ORIGINS Festival includes poetry, essays and creative writing by leading artists and academics on First Nations theatre and culture. Contributors include: Shane Belcourt (Métis filmmaker), Cathy Craigie (Aboriginal Australian playwright), André Dudemaine (Canadian Festival director), Diane Glancy (Cherokee playwright and poet), Jay Griffiths (author of Wild - An Elemental Journey), David Milroy (Aboriginal Australian playwright), Daniel David Moses (Delaware playwright and poet), Leah Purcell (Australian Aboriginal actor and filmmaker), Robert Sullivan (Maori poet).

ISBN 978-1-904718-08-6.


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Theatre and Slavery

Theatre and Slavery: Ghosts at the Crossroads edited by Michael Walling.

Published to accompany our 2007 production of THE DILEMMA OF A GHOST, the book explores theatre's involvement with the issue of slavery in the build-up to the 1807 Act, in modern African and Caribbean drama, and in the work of Theatre for Development practitioners, working with contemporary near-slaves.  Contributors include Ama Ata Aidoo, John Thieme, and Rustom Bharucha. Also includes the text of The Slaves by Mohammed ben Abdallah, and images from Moj of the Antarctic by Mojisola Adebayo.  Foreword by Aidan McQuade (Director- Anti-Slavery International).  

"An excellent, thought provoking, and challenging collection of essays and creative writing...  what immediately impresses is the volume's range"  (The Drama Review - Autumn 2009 - review by Prof. Jane Plastow) 

ISBN 978-1-904718-06-2.


Not Currently In Print

Bullie's House

Bullie's House by Thomas Keneally.

With an introduction by Elizabeth Schafer.

Based on a true story, BULLIE'S HOUSE is Booker-prize winner Thomas Keneally's response to Aboriginal Australians who exposed their precious ranga, totems which hold the secrets of the world, to the eyes of white people, in the belief that the white world in return will offer its wisdom and technology.

ISBN 978-1-904718-05-5.


Not currently in print

Double Tongue

Double Tongue by Brian Woolland.

With an introduction by Teresa Murjas.

Hungary.  April 1999.  NATO is bombing Kosovo and Serbia.  Robert, a young American researcher, becomes obsessed with Anna, his language teacher.  In her home town of Szeged, close to the Serbian border, he is drawn into a dangerous and terrifying underworld.

"Viscerally real and complex...  thought-provoking and potent"  (Time Out)

ISBN 978-1-904718-01-7.


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Mappa Mundi

Mappa Mundi by the company.

With an introduction by Roshni Mooneeram.

Brought back to life by children playing on his grave, the medieval map-maker Richard of Holdingham confronts a contemporary world far more monstrous than anything he could have drawn. 

ISBN 978-1-904718-02-4.


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Toufann - a Mauritian Fantasy by Dev Virahsawmy.

In an English version by Nisha & Michael Walling. With an introduction by Jane Wilkinson.

A free-wheeling fantasy based on Shakespeare's The Tempest, Mauritian Dev Virahsawmy's TOUFANN is an hilarious, irreverent celebration of an island that ought to be Paradise, and an oblique look at the challenges of living in a multicultural society.

ISBN 978-1-904718-00-0.


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Bravely Fought the Queen

Bravely Fought the Queen by Mahesh Dattani.

With an introduction by John McRae.

Two sisters are married to two brothers, both advertising executives. The epitome of the "Indian dream" - but their dark secrets start to emerge through a single night of vengeance and recrimination.

ISBN 978-1-904718-03-1.


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