From 2017 to 2020, Border Crossings is focussing on the issue of migration in an ambitious and innovative programme of work that embraces new theatre, a photography exhibition, and two pan-European projects around learning, research and policy.  

Our next major production will be a new devised play about THE GREAT EXPERIMENT: the system of indentured labour that formed the economic basis of the British Empire after the abolition of slavery, and led to vast migrations of South Asian people.  In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, more than a million Indians signed indenture contracts for work in the sugar plantations, mines, and other industries in South and East Africa, Mauritius, Reunion, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji, and the Caribbean.  Working with researchers from the Universities of Edinburgh and Leeds, and partnering with Tara Arts and Exchange Theatre, Border Crossings will devise a new play that explores the history that shaped the globalised world, and our relationship with it today.  The project was developed during September 2017, in a workshop directed by Michael Walling and including actors from Mauritius and the UK, plus Mauritian viusal artist Shiraz Bayjoo

From September 2017, we are collaborating with European partners to develop a cross-sectoral approach to work with refugees and migrants, in our project THE PROMISED LAND; as well as developing curricula for communities from minority language groups in MORE THAN WORDS.  Our HLF-funded project POCAHONTAS AND AFTER continues, as we develop a photography exhibition with diverse Londoners, responding to past portrayals of First Nations people in photography and art.