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Border Crossings

Border Crossings is dedicated to developing new audiences for intercultural theatre. Every Border Crossings project is accompanied by an innovative and high-quality programme of Participation and Learning.  

This aspect of Border Crossings’ work is important to the organisation’s social and political impact in the broadest sense, and has engaged directly with a broad range of communities; for example LGBT people from Asian backgrounds, and the refugee communities in the South-West.  There is an emphasis on youth and on minority communities, with the aim of involving more people in theatre and the debates which it engenders, developing a broad and diverse future audience.

Our work opens people’s eyes to other people’s views and experiences. It challenges stereotypes and provides a platform for discussing difficult subjects thus promoting social inclusion, equality and tolerance through creativity and innovation. Our work is a tangible platform of discovery about ourselves and about others.

Recent projects include:

  • 2022-23 - Botany Bay - a large-scale heritage project around Indigenous approaches to plants and horticulture.
  • 2020 - The Great Experiment - community workshops and museum collection day to complement our touring production about indentured labour.  
  • 2019 - Westway Solstice - community dance project as part of ORIGINS 2019, led by Anishanaabe dance artist brian solomon//ELECTRIC MOOSE.
  • 2017-19 - Pocahontas and After - heritage project building on ORIGINS 2017, including work with schools and community volunteers,  which led to an award-winning photographic exhibition in 2018-19.
  • 2016 - The Red Balloon - devising project for diverse and disabled young people at Chickenshed Theatre.
  • 2015-17 - extensive work with refugee groups, including CARAS, South London Refugee Centre and the British Red Cross.
  • 2015 - Hidden Histories - heritage project around indigenous presence in London, expanding the ORIGINS Oral History archive, and creating a new documentary film (supported by the Heritage Lottery fund).  Included work with schools and community volunteers.
  • 2014 - Dreams and Shadows project with Muslim women's groups.
  • 2013 - Day of the Dead project for Origins 2013, working with Latin American communities and young people in schools.
  • 2013 - Intercult - a theatre-making project with four ethnically diverse groups of young people from across London. 
  • 2013 - Workshops with Chinese students in Shanghai and Ningbo.
  • 2012 - Division - a production with Theatre Royal Plymouth's project with young refugees, Dare to be Different.
  • 2011 - Origins - Heritage of First Nations - an extensive project with the UK's Maori community and young people in schools, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, as part of Origins 2011.  Click here for a short film about the project.
  • 2010 - Workshops with Chinese students in Shanghai and Ningbo.
  • 2010 - Workshop for artists in Botswana, supported by the British Council.
  • 2009 - O Patrin - a co-production with Romany Theatre Company, touring schools as part of Origins 2009.
  • 2008 - Border Crossings collaborated with Aduna to offer training programmes to African artists living in London.
  • 2005 - as part of Patti Smith's Meltdown Festival on the South Bank, Border Crossings Education collaborated with South Bank Centre Education, Hyperjam and Lilian Baylis Technology School, Lambeth to present Uniforms and Hoodies, a multi-media presentation about injustice.