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ORIGINS opening 2019


Various Venues, Online and Outdoors

Border Crossings’ ORIGINS Festival, the UK’s only large-scale multidisciplinary Festival of Indigenous arts and culture, is celebrating its seventh edition with an unprecedented and evolving year-long programme from leading Indigenous artists and thinkers. 

The 2021-22 Festival offers an unprecedented and evolving year-long programme, transforming digital and physical spaces into vibrant sites of creative enquiry, artistic interventions and performances by leading Indigenous artists and thinkers. ORIGINS 2021-22 is moving into public spaces, drawing powerful links between Indigenous experience, local heritage and sustainability, asking urgent questions while respecting the time and space needed to stop and contemplate the answers.

  • Covid
  • Climate Change
  • Colonialism

Here are a few of the highlights so far:

  • TOTEM LATAMAT - commissioned from Totonac artist Jun Tiburcio, this totem embodies Indigenous views on Climate Change, and travelled from Mexico to Cop26 in Glasgow.
  • ORIGINS WRITERS - a series of online talks by leading Indigenous writers, presented in partnership with Beyond the Spectacle.  Click here to watch the recorded event with NATALIE DIAZ. 
  • MAGNETIC NORTH - our acclaimed film for the British Museum's ARCTIC exhibition. 
  • CELEBRATING PERU - a programme of music, theatre and participatory embroidery at the British Museum.  

Explore the Festival programme on the ORIGINS Festival website, with more to be revealed throughout the year. We will be making regular programme updates, so keep checking back.

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We hope you will join us to experience another way of living.

CELEBRATING PERU - British Museum 2022
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