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Little Aleppo



SUPPLIANTS OF SYRIA is our new theatre and film project. Drawing inspiration from Aeschylus's "Suppliants," we are we are creating a devised play and film that aim to illuminate the evolving narrative surrounding the so-called "migration crisis" and current tensions around the Middle East.

Rooted in our Sligo Manifesto, this project strives to challenge prevailing constructs of political and cultural borders in Britain and Europe. Our journey commenced in late 2023 when we travelled to Adana, Turkey. There, we engaged in immersive theatre workshops with Syrian refugee women associated with the Meryem Kadın Kooperatifi—an initiative fostering job opportunities and empowering refugee women through agricultural projects and work initiatives.

Designed to amplify the voices of Syrian refugees, the workshops became the cornerstone for translating their experiences into a compelling film and a dynamic multimedia play. Collaborating with Çukurova University's Film Department, we were able to capture poignant and powerful scenes and testimonies that will feature in both the film and resulting play. 

We are currently in the research and development phase working with Actors Richard Adetunji, Vlad Gurdis and John Rogers, Movement Director Maria da Luz Ghounmrassi and Composer Dave Carey  to develop the play. 

SUPPLIANTS OF SYRIA is supported by Arts Council England, the British Council's Creative Collaborations Grant Programme and the Anna Lindh Foundation

Arts Council England   Creative Collaborations Anna Lindh Foundation     Cukurova University   Meryem Kadın Kooperatifi


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