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Raffaele Messina in MORE THAN WORDS



Created over the two years of the MORE THAN WORDS research and training project, Border Crossings' new film is a poetic and provocative response to the place of the outsider in European societies, the challenges of language, and the ways in which the arts can communicate and engage where other approaches cannot.  Theatre, clowing, music and dance combine in an extraordinary new work of combined arts.  

Raffaele Messina as The Clown

Written and directed by Michael Walling

Click here to listen to an online discussion around the film with Raffaele, Michael and Samantha Holdsworth from Clowns Without Borders.

"This film represents a new type of storytelling. It is not really a film and it is not even a documentary. It's a narrative that doesn't speak to people's minds, but directly to their emotions.”  (Jury member - Lucania Film Festival, Italy)

Supported by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union.

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