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Mappa Mundi - Veronica Needa


Tours of UK and Mexico

"Confirms Border Crossings' reputation for spectacularly innovative, imaginative theatre"  (The Stage)

Created for the 2000 Millennium Festival, MAPPA MUNDI was Border Crossings' first devised production.  Using the mediaeval world map in Hereford Cathedral as a resource, the play drew off histories of colonisation and cultural identity, using performance forms from around the world.  

The play was created and performed by:

Nisha Dassyne (Mauritius)

Mauricio Elorriage (Mexico)

Lifati Harimedi (Zimbabwe)

Anjali Jay (India)

Veronica Needa (Hong Kong)

Ben Pitts (UK)

Peter Kenny and Lydia Bazzard were also involved as devisers and performers.  The play was conceived and directed by Michael Walling, with music by Paul Howard-Jones, video by David Wheeler and lighting by Mark Doubleday.

First performed in the Old Cathedral, Coventry, the play went on to a run at the Courtyard Theatre, Hereford in 2000. It was revived in 2001 to tour the UK and the Tamaulipas International Festival in Mexico.  

"Batters the senses with its innovative staging, lighting and use of video. The players are uniformly excellent... a fascinating theatrical experience." (Hereford Times)

MAPPA MUNDI: an intercultural approach to the icon -  by Michael Walling


The text of MAPPA MUNDI is available from the Bookshop.