About Us

Border Crossings creates new intercultural, multi-media theatre in response to the contemporary globalised world.

The company works across the borders between cultures and art forms, and between nations and peoples. Since 1995, Border Crossings has collaborated with artists and companies from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Palestine, Sweden, the USA and Zimbabwe, as well as the diverse communities of the UK. 

Border Crossings productions have toured the UK, Brazil, China, Egypt, France, Hungary, India, Mauritius, Mexico, Palestine, the Seychelles, Sweden and Zimbabwe.

"Borders may appear in many guises: psychological; racial; sexual; sociological; professional; as well as geographical.  Paradoxically, the border may be at once what provides us with some security about our identity, demarcating ourselves from others, while also being the barrier that prevents us from developing new capacities or trying on new identities.  Theatre processes, on the other hand, depend upon the willingness of the actor to cross borders not only to impersonate the dress, manner and speech of another but also to achieve, temporarily, the ultimate expression of border-crossing, empathy."

(Prof. Tim Prentki: "Introduction to Border Crossing" - in The Applied Theatre Reader.  Routledge 2009)


Border Crossings will be a leader in intercultural dialogue between artists and audiences, working through theatre to facilitate mutual understanding, creative collaboration and positive development.


In response to the contemporary globalised world, Border Crossings creates a theatrical and cultural space in which peoples come together as equals for creativity and dialogue.


  1. Equality
    Border Crossings fosters and promotes intercultural dialogue and international exchange between artists on an equal basis. We recognise and value the contributions made by all the artists and staff involved in our work, and seek to reward those contributions fairly. We aim to make our work accessible to the widest range of audiences.
  2. Difference
    Border Crossings champions a community of diverse peoples, practices, and ideas. We foster a culture which embraces diversity, respect for the individual and the expression of talent, and engages a broad and varied international audience.
  3. Collaboration
    Border Crossings produces theatre that is communally created. We strive for a shared vision through dynamic communication, while celebrating the individual voice, the synthesis of competing priorities and the acknowledgement of all contributions.
  4. Innovation
    Border Crossings encourages and develops theatre that is culturally, socially and politically progressive and challenging. The company recognises the value of theatre as an attribute of democracy and intercultural dialogue, with the capacity to effect real transformations in people’s lives. We are open to new ideas, striving to be creative and innovative, neither bound by formality nor constrained by convention.