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More Than Words


Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, and the UK

This three-year project was based on a strategic partnership of like-minded organizations across Europe, working with migrant and disadvantaged communities, to develop and share practice so as to create a collective working methodology in intercultural training. The partners’ approach, experiences and areas of work were different and complementary.  The partnership was composed of two main groups according to their main roles in the project: the needs assessment group was composed by 3 organisations with direct experience dealing with the needs of migrants and vulnerable groups: Narud, AEL and Stowarzyszenie Dla Ziemi.  The training providers group contributed innovative methods of non-verbal intercultural training: Border Crossings in participatory theatre, CRN in digital storytelling, Euro-Net in clowning and IKTE in dance and body movement therapy. They provided staff training workshops, creating a synthesised training and report based on the needs and accompanied by the monitoring activities of the first group.

Project results:

  1. The project e-book
  2. Multilingual training module
  3. Online training module
  4. A new film by Border Crossings
Erasmus + funded