Saturday, April 1, 1995 to Thursday, May 30, 1996


Venue: Brazil, Egypt, France and Hungary

"Highly rewarding production"  (Michael Keneally)

Arguably Brian Friel`s greatest play, FAITH HEALER influenced a generation of Irish writing for the theatre. Frank Hardy is a faith healer who has spent a lifetime touring the decayed villages of Scotland and Wales with his manager Teddy and his wife/mistress Grace. 

The story of their touring and of their fateful return is told in separate, often contradictory accounts by Grace, Teddy and Frank himself. Taken together these narratives create a mosaic that is both seductive and terrifying.

Richard Cave`s production of Brian Friel`s play toured to Brazil, Egypt, France and Hungary for the British Council.

MICHAEL KENEALLY reviews the production in Cairo.