Friday, March 19, 2004 to Sunday, May 9, 2004


Venue: UK tour and Riverside Studios

"A tremendous piece of theatre that demands to be taken seriously." (Metro **** Critics Choice)

The UK premiere of Thomas Keneally's play about the meeting of white and indigenous Australia: BULLIE'S HOUSE is the story of Australian Aboriginals who expose their precious ranga, totems which hold the secrets of the world, to the eyes of white Australians, in the belief that the white world in return will exchange its own wisdom and its technology.

"A powerful evening of all-too-rare theatrical stimulation." (Evening Standard)

"What did those elders want us to learn by the sight of the ranga? What ranga did they expect to be shown in answer? What great gifts did they want from us? What armistice between old and new did they hope to bring about? What adjustment of the equilibrium of the world did they seek? So that Bullie`s house and all their houses could go on standing?"

"Thomas Keneally's eye-opening play about clashing cultures is enhanced by an excellent cast." (Time Out - Critics Choice)

"Quite simply mesmerising... fine performances from Heath Bergersen as Bullie... [&] the fascinating Natasha Wanganeen." (Sheffield Star)

Opening in Leicester, and touring nationally, "Bullie`s House" also enjoyed a sell-out run at Riverside Studios.

THOMAS KENEALLY in conversation with Michael Walling

FULL REVIEWS from Evening Standard, Time Out and Metro

Extracts from the production, plus discussions with Indigenous artists. Warning: features people who have recently passed.