Saturday, June 10, 2017 to Friday, May 11, 2018


Venue: Syon House and others

Building on the success of ORIGINS 2017 and the Education work undertaken with Cavendish School and Marlborough School in Hounslow, this Heritage Project will work with young people and volunteers to create an exhibition that features and responds to photographic heritage around indigenous America held in the British Museum, British Library and National Maritime Museum collections. The young people and volunteers will explore the meaning and context of the heritage materials with indigenous experts and curators, and will be trained and mentored to create their own photographic work in response. The responses, which may also include written explanation, will show how the photography relates to diverse people living in the UK today, and how the camera's "eye" influences the meaning of images according to the photographer's viewpoint. The resulting work will be exhibited at Syon House in Hounslow, with the original heritage material displayed next to the project response image. The site for the exhibition is particularly appropriate, as it is very close to both the schools involved, and is also the house where Pocahontas stayed on her visit to London in 1616-17.

For more information on Border Crossings' heritage projects around the ORIGINS Festival, see originsproject.org.uk

Photo: John Cobb