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Sunshine on a Rainy Day - African Performance - 25/03/2012
News image for Sunshine on a Rainy Day - African Performance Border Crossings and Chickenshed are partnering to present a one-day festival on Saturday May 12th, offering insights into the rich and varied cultures of Southern Africa.

Programme includes:
10.00 - 12.15: Storytelling for children with Nyemu and Wedzi from World Music Matters.
14.15 - 16.45: Film - Kini and Adams. Directed by Idrissa Ouedraogo.
17.00 - 18.30: Talking Points - Theatre for a Change. A panel discussion around theatre, politics and development in Southern Africa., with Arifani Moyo, Christopher Maphosa and Kate Stafford, chaired by Michael Walling.
19.30 - 20.30: Play - The Rain that Washes. Based on the life of Christopher Maphosa, and written by Dave Carey, this is the true story of a young man`s growing up in a turbulent Zimbabwe.
20.45 - 22.30: Jazz - Claude Deppa. At the forefront of the African jazz music scene, South
African-born trumpeter and composer Claude Deppa joins our festival with his renowned quartet for a pulsing and uplifting end to the day.

Day pass £12 (£10 adv) only!

Box Office +44 (0)20 8292 9222
Chickenshed Theatre
Chase Side, Southgate
London, N14 4PE
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